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per agreement
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Terms and conditions of sale for business customers (B2B)

Contact details

Gothersgade 14
DK-1123 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 70 25 55 25
Fax: +45 70 25 66 25
VAT/Business Registration No.: 19355705
Bank account: Danske Bank: 3191 0003415813

B2B terms of sale and delivery

The following terms and conditions cover all deliveries and services from LIGHT-POINT AS, Grønnegade 3, 1107 Copenhagen K, Denmark, unless other terms have been agreed upon in writing.


A quotation is binding for three weeks, from date.

Dispatch/return of goods

Delivery will be EXW LIGHT-POINT AS’ warehouse (Incoterms 2010) unless other terms have been explicitly agreed upon. When buying any of LIGHT-POINT AS’ goods for resale buyer shall defray all freight charges himself. Dispatch will take place at buyers’ own account and risk. When delivery has been agreed to be free of carriage the cost of dispatch is included in the price and the dispatch will be at the risk of LIGHT-POINT AS. Buyer is only entitled to annul the order due to delay provided delivery is delayed for more than 30 days. Returned goods will only be received when prior agreement of return has been reached and then only in the original wrapping and in an undamaged state. A copy of the delivery note or the invoice must accompany the returned goods. Erroneous orders for standard goods will be deducted 20% for handling and control. Special goods, procured goods and unwrapped light sources will not be accepted for return. A service charge of DKK 75.00 / NOK 100.00 / SEK 100.00 / EURO 10.00 excl. VAT may be added to orders below DKK 1,000.00 / NOK 1,300.00 / SEK 1,300.00 / EURO 250.00 excl. VAT.


All prices are current prices stated in DKK / SEK / NOK / EURO exclusive VAT, government taxes and light sources unless otherwise stated. All prices are stated without prejudice to printing errors, price changes and discontinued goods.


Unless otherwise stated in LIGHT-POINT AS’ tender or other written agreement our terms of payment are net cash at delivery/collection. By a delay in payment, a fee of DKK 100.00 / SEK 125.00 / NOK 115.00 / EURO 14.00 and interest of 2% per commencing month, will be added.

Notification of defects

Buyer is obligated to examine the goods immediately after receiving them. Notification of defects must be given to LIGHT-POINT AS within 8 days of delivery. Notification of defects shall be submitted only via the online form available at LIGHT-POINT website. If buyer does not notify LIGHT-POINT AS of defects within this time-limit he will not be able to cite any defects at a later date. Expenses incurred by buyer in connection with cited defects are not covered by LIGHT-POINT AS unless LIGHT-POINT AS has received the notification of defects and has given a written acceptance to cover the costs.


Products which have a manufacturing fault or a flaw in the material will be repaired without cost or exchanged in accordance with the rules in the Danish Sale of Goods Act and to the same extent that the warranty from subsuppliers covers. Light sources are not covered by warranty.

Exemption of liability

Non-fulfilment including delay or delivery of defective goods will only justify buyer compensation provided buyer documents that the non-fulfilment is caused by gross negligence on the part of LIGHT-POINT AS. However LIGHT-POINT AS is in no case responsible for operating loss, loss of time, loss of profits or other like indirect losses including daily fines inflicted on buyer.

Product liability

The company is only responsible for product liability in accordance to the rules in the Danish Product Liability Act. Beyond this the company is not responsible for product liability.


Disagreements in connection with the cooperation of the parties with reference to this agreement must be solved according to Danish law, in as much as the parties agree that the venue shall be the Maritime and Commercial High Court in Copenhagen or alternatively the City Court of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen K, 1st July 2019
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